Lola York: a new way to see collage.

red society ladies (“Red society ladies”. Technique: collage and graffito. “This is a bit of a critique. Did you know that women can be evil sometimes? Some of them are sweet and delicate, of course, but those very nicely dressed ladies hide with weapons behind them. Careful, they are ready to attack!”)

The first Saturday night in New York City, two years ago, I spent it with a girl that I just met a few days before.
We decided to go into the City together, even if we didn’t really know each other.
It was one of the most fun and even embarrassing nights ever, and from that moment we became very good friends. I knew she was an artist, but just now I realize how good she is.
And now that I’m back in the Big Apple, there is only one thing to do: interview her.
Her energy, her personalities and her dreams are all together in her works and through them it’s possible to see her art’s expression, that is a mixed of Mexican culture and the modern collage technique.
Lola York will show her works at the “13th Arts Festival” in Larchmont, Westchester, on the 26th of September ( ).
In the meanwhile, enjoy her story.

rose (“Rose”. Technique: water colours and collage).

Do you remember the first time you felt you were a painter? How did you discover your talent?

I think my talent could not exist without my hands. I can say that my thoughts and hands are soul mates. I discovered the ability to use my hands, to create art, since I was very little. At the age of five, while my father was making the dog’s house, using tools and wood,  I was curiously looking at him, asking, talking, etc. I found some wood pieces, I played with them until I got a shape of something, then my father helped me to paste them. After that I had a double couch, one for the Barbies in the front, and the other for their babies on the back. So that is my first memory of creating something with my hands, it wasn’t a painting though. My Mother says I started to show artistic skills in my kindergarten works. Art that comes from kids is just fantastic!

Where do you think the passion that brings you to paint comes from?

I always thought that art is the highest expression of human beings. I just feel I have so much inside me that I need to bring it out. Sometimes that passion is fear, love, happiness, loneliness, etc. Feelings that I need to push out of me. My passion comes from my gut and I’m glad I have the power to transform feelings into art.

balance (“Balance”. Technique:collage).

Who is your favourite artist and your current source of inspiration?

My favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. His paintings are very powerful and colorful. What I love about him is his life’s story, that he explains through his work. My inspiration, currently, comes from music: Jan Tiersen´s song “8 mm” and the piece “Canon in D major” inspire me a lot. Both make me want to keep doing art, and never stop until I make something as beautiful as these music compositions.

What do you want to say with your works?

My watercolor portraits and collages show people and things that do not exist. Deformities, extensions, imperfections and exaggeration help me to show beauty through one unreal reality. Sometimes I play a game with a cynical humor sense, sometimes they are more serious and painful, but most of the time I think that my work will show whatever the audience wants to see.

embarassment (“Embarassment”. Technique: collage and graffito. “In this open society where we live, a naked woman is still a tabù, a prohibition and an embarrasment. Women still can’t be accepted as they are, but sometimes they need to be covered or transform”).

Future projects?

Fortunately in two weeks I’ll be showing my work in the 13th Arts festival in Larchmont NY. My next project involves porn magazines.

What helps you to get the ispiration?

Regular people inspire me: their faces, what they say, kids, situations, daily life, etc. When I start to work on my collages, for example, I display lots of paper clips on my desk, and bed, and floor and whatever I can use as a surface to see what I have and I start to work. After a bit of time, many other ideas, feelings and thoughts come and pass through my head. For that reason I never work on one piece at a time, but I’m always working simultaneously. The inspiration comes from creating.

Tell me something about you, about your personality and your lifestyle.

I’m a Mexican artist and graphic designer, I have been living in NY for about two years, learning the language and the “American culture”. Part of my lifestyle is to keep myself simple, light and clean inside. Of course, travelling is a big part of my life. I´m a dreamer, a creator of big expectations, fantasies and desires. I have been living in a fantasy world which helps me to create. To say about my personality… I would rather to talk about fish.

first love, art and sex
(“First love, art and sex”).

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